Group presentation

Rubis-Précis in Charquemont (25), Micropierre in Besançon (25) and High Tech Ceram in Darvault (77)
Specialties : production of highly technical turned parts, machining of hard and ceramic materials, mounted assemblies, etc.


18 Rue de Besançon
Phone +33 3 81 68 27 27
Fax +33 3 81 68 68 34


20 Rue Lafayette
Phone +33 3 81 53 68 55
Fax +33 3 81 53 63 43


Phone +33 1 64 45 23 67
Fax +33 1 64 45 23 60

The RUBIS PRECIS Group has expertise in the field of high-precision components and materials from a long tradition of micromechanics.

The origin of the group dates back to 1948, at the time Rubis-Précis and Micropierre are two competing companies. Specialized in the cutting of watchmaking gemstones from synthetic materials: Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel.

In the 1960s, Rubis Précis diversified into the machining of metals and alloys mainly by bar turning and in the production of mounted assemblies combining metal parts and hard materials.

At the same time, thanks to its experience with diamond grinding, Micropierre turned to the abrasive machining of new materials: technical ceramics for advanced sectors.

In 1991, the Rubis-Précis group acquired Micropierre.

In 1998 and 2008 Rubis-Précis proceeded with two successive extensions of its premises bringing their total surface area to m² . Meanwhile, Micropierre moved to its current site in the La Fayette area in Besançon with a surface area of 2,150 m². More functional and more spacious, these developments enabled the group to optimize its machines thanks to a multi-year investment program.

In 2011, the group acquired DPL Friatec, a company specializing in the machining of technical ceramics, a German company renamed High Tech Céram.
This strengthened the group as a leader in the field of the machining of technical ceramics.

Thanks to a multi-year investment program the Rubis-Précis Group, Micropierre, and High Tech Céram are at the forefront of technological evolution. The loyalty and trust of our customers are, for us, the recognition of the quality of our products and our services.

Rubis-Précis Group


Various connectors, parts for gyroscopes, equipment, ...

Medical, Biomedical

Endoscopes (biocompatible materials), components for pacemakers, various precision components for medical, dental, blood test equipment, ...

Defence, Security

Armament industry, ballistics, various technical ceramic components for laboratories, research centres, nuclear and space industry, ...

Luxury Industry

Gold, silver and ceramic coins, leather goods, jewellery, watchmaking. Metal parts with gold, silver, palladium surface treatments ...


Connectors, lenses, and other precision components in sapphire for optical fibre, ...


Manufacture of tungsten carbide, ruby and ceramic keys and feelers, high precision machining and assembly of ruby beads with stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic parts, ...

Our engagements

Satisfaction of your needs and your expectations

  • Quality of service: communication, visits, information ...
  • Product quality: material, compliance, packaging care ...
  • Quality of the deadlines: respect of the deadlines, reactivity ...
  • Value for money

Our staff

  • Experienced, motivated, flexible, and competent
  • Strongly involved, responsible and versatile
  • In direct contact with your requests

Quality policy

  • Continuous improvement of our operational means
  • ISO 9100 and 9001 certifications
  • Commercial company
  • An efficient management system in the image of a company that is constantly evolving

Sales representatives

  • Permanent contact
  • Guide your needs to the right person
  • Carefully evaluating your request
  • A team of 3 sales technicians who are attentive to customers.
  • Agents in various countries: Europe and the United States.
  • The guarantee of a service adapted to the request.
  • Premises near the French border
  • High-tech machines



Thanks to a loyal and competent staff, a sustained investment policy, and 70 years of experience, the Rubis-Précis Group meets your needs and offers you the best solutions.

The group specializes in the production of highly technical metal parts. We machine all metals, from the simplest: Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver, Aluminium to the most technical: Stainless steels of all kinds, Titanium, Gold, Platinum, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Tungsten, Niobium, Magnesium.

The specificities of the Rubis-Précis group

High-precision machining with diamond bit finishing on technical ceramics and hard materials.
The use of special composite materials for many applications.
Flat and cylindrical lapping and polishing techniques.
Assembly techniques using gluing, press fitting, driving in, crimping, brazing, soldering, laser welding, ...
The development of mounted assemblies incorporating hard materials, and assemblies with various and varied metals.
Ceramic and metal connections.
The turning of high precision parts.
Mechanical machining of precious metals and alloys.
Very high precision machining of ruby, sapphire, and tungsten carbide.
Parts for the luxury industry: watchcase middles, decorative elements, rivets, and many others for the fields of leather goods and jewellery making.
Machining on transfer machine.
Surface treatment, electroplating.
Mechanical machining: grinding, boring, milling, drilling, turning, tapping, threading on various grades of stainless steel (303-304-316L), brass, nickel, silver, bronze.
The execution of mounted assemblies over small, medium, and large series

Competitive advantages

The manufacture of complex parts in a short time
The management of all types of series: prototyping, small, medium, and large series.
The complementarity and the cooperation that exists between the three entities Rubis-Précis, Micropierre and High Tech Céram.