Bar-turning / cnc workshop

Our bar-turning and CNC department has about sixty machines whose capacities vary for bar diameters between 1 and 32.

Our machines have between 4 and 5 axes for the machining of single parts, and up to 10 axes for very technical parts. All our machines work with whole oil (without chlorine or sulphur which are prohibited in the medical field).

All our machines are equipped with bar feeders which allow 24/7 autonomy.
Finally, some of our machines are equipped with grippers for the removal of fragile parts.

Mechanical and prototyping workshop

Our mechanical pole is equipped with conventional machining units, from a numerically controlled lathe with a bar feed up to diameter 42 or a billet feed up to diameter 200, and also machining centres with 5 continuous milling axes.

This equipment allows us to use all our expertise on your prototype and pre-production requests and to meet all your micromechanical needs.

Tonnelage workshop

This workshop is equipped with a 2-liter capacity vibratory finishing machine for micro-parts, up to 30 litres for other parts.
Also, a modified alcohol degreasing machine (A3 solvent authorized in the medical field).

workshop for preparing hard materials

In this workshop, we make initial sections from hard material on automatic cutting, turning, and flat grinding machines.

Enlarging workshop

We carry out the enlarging of holes to +/- 2 μ and outside diameter to +/- 3 μ guaranteeing the concentricity in the 5 μ on ruby and sapphire pieces.

Polishing Workshop

We carry out polishing on automatic machines from standard quality to optical quality.


Flat Grinding / Grooving

  • 15 machines 3 and 4 axes: conventional and numerically controlled
  • Maximum capacity: 1200x400x500

Cylindrical grinding

  • 25 CNC machines: 1, 2, 3, and 4 pins, axis C
  • Maximum capacity: Ø 550 lengths 1,200 mm
  • Minimum capacity: Ø 0, 40 mm

Centreless rectification

  • 3 machines Ø 0.40 to Ø 100 mm


  • 6 CNC machining centres possessing 3, 4, and 5 continuously positioned axes
  • 1 machining centre with 5 continuous axes with ultrasonic assistance
  • Maximum capacity: 500 x 400 x 350 mm


  • 4 CNC drills
  • 5 manual drills
  • Maximum capacity: Ø 250 mm
  • Minimum capacity: 0.25 mm

Boring / Lapping

  • 12 manual and automatic machines
  • Maximum capacity: Ø 100 lg 1000 mm
  • Minimum capacity: Ø 0,30 mm

Flat Lapping / Polishing

  • 1 double-sided grinder
  • 4 single-side polishers

Help with programming

  • Misler Computer Assisted Manufacturing Software

Control measures

  • 2 air-conditioned rooms
  • 3 3D probing machines
  • 2 optical 3D machines
  • 4 measuring columns
  • 2 profile projectors
  • 3 roughness meters
  • Penetrant testing
  • Etc.

Cleaning / mesh

  • Dedicated premises
  • 6 ultrasonic baths: detergent + rinse + deionized water
  • 5 ovens maximum temperature


We carry out

  • Micro-assemblies and assemblies requiring presses up to 8 tons in semi-automatic or automatic modes
  • Laser engraving on all types of materials
  • Laser welding with or without input
  • Induction brazing for micro-assemblies
  • Brazing in a baking oven


To monitor the compliance of customer requirements in our workshops, we have:

  • One 3D optical and probing measuring machine
  • A contactless laser
  • A durometer
  • A roughness meter
  • Concentricity control devices
  • Profile projectors